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Respite Redefined’s first magazine will premiere this spring!

If you’ve followed along for anytime at all you know that we’re adopting from foster care the second time around.  And because of that, I can’t stop reminiscing about those first days as a new foster/adopt mom.  In honor of #thefrostsadoptagain as well as the comeback of Respite Redefined, the theme for this first issue will be


I want to explore what it takes to be a new foster/adopt mom from the beginning of the application process, to those nervous belly feelings when your social worker comes to your house for the very first time, to the first days when these strangers we call children set foot into your home.

What does it take to be a foster/adopt mom?  How do you prepare your home?  What items do you need before kids enter?  How do you get ready for a homestudy?  What happens on those first few crazy days?

If you’re a new, first time adoptive mom, I want to hear your stories of how you’re prepping both your home and your heart.  And if you’re a seasoned foster/adopt mom, I want you to reminisce on what it was like those first few days and tell me all the thoughts and feelings that went through your mind.

I’m currently taking submissions for vulnerable, provocative, thoughtful, emotional, first person essays that give a great insight into what it’s like being a foster/adoptive mom.

I’m also looking for advice articles on what to practically do to prepare for incoming children.


To submit a first person narrative about your foster/adopt journey, email its entirety to with the subject line RESPITE MAG ESSAY SUBMISSION.

To pitch an idea for a more practical, step by step article on what those first few days/months are like as a new foster/adopt mom, email with the subject line RESPITE MAG ARTICLE PITCH with 2-3 sentences about what you’re wanting to write about, or fill out the contact form below.