The founder and creator of Respite Redefined, Caitlin and her husband are the parents of two beautiful children adopted out of foster care.  They're eager to adopt a dozen more as soon as the state approves their paperwork.  Her favorite form of self-care is taking hot baths with a book which she unashamedly does almost every night.  One day, when she grows up, she wants to be a book reviewer.  Because who doesn't want to get paid to read books? 



Shelby is a fantastic photographer who has work featured throughout Respite Redefined as well as other publications.  She and her husband have one daughter they've officially adopted through foster care, they have been foster parents to many children and they are still deep in the trenches of foster care at the moment.  Her favorite form of self care is grabbing a big cup of coffee and redecorating or reorganizing something--it's her creative outlet.  When she grows up she would love to work with marine animals and continue developing her photography skills.



Corrie writes for the Respite Redefined blog and other writing projects.  She and her husband have been foster parents for the last three years and currently have four children living with them (two are biological children).  She's unsure of what her favorite form of self-care is and can't decide between eating or reading, although she has started a YA novel and dreams of getting it published, so we think it's writing..  When she grows up she wants to foster and speak out on behalf of kids from hard places.