EP 10: Therapy

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Caitlin and Laurel talk about what they look for in a therapist, how they find good therapists, and why a good therapist is needed along with different types of therapies for their children and for themselves.

Favorite things this week:

  • Laurel signed up for Enneagram Institute’s daily emails. (She’s a 1, Caitlin is a 5. What are you??)

  • Caitlin shared that if your kids have state insurance, and what children in foster care don’t, you can get Amazon Prime for half the price!! Just google “amazon prime medicaid discount” and you can sign up.

Types of Therapy we talk about:

EP 5: Social Media & Your Kids

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How and why do you decide what to post on social media? Do you have guidelines you follow? What are they?

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Caitlin and Laurel discuss how they decide what to post on social media when it comes to their kids.

Things talked about in this episode:

From the archives: Podcast on parenting sexually harmed children

EP 3: After You Say Yes

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Laurel chats with Caitlin about how adoption is all about meeting your childrens’ needs and not at all about you. But that it can be rough to keep saying yes and never giving up on your child when trauma behavior and needs can be very overwhelming.

You can read more about this and get more practical advice in our eBook After You Say Yes which can be purchased here.

EP 33: Disrupting a Foster Placement with Bailey

Bailey and her husband recently disrupted a foster placement of two boys.  In this episode she explains what disruption is, why they chose to do it (spoiler alert!  it was in the best interest of their boys), and how that makes her think about foster care in a whole different way.

Things we talk about:

Rachel's blog post on loving foster placements vs. forever kids.

Bailey's blog post on what disruption has looked like.

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EP 32: Intentional Foster Motherhood with Kimberly V.

Kimberly and her family decided to open up their home to foster care after they watched close friends do the same. In that time she has fostered several children and recently finalized the adoption of a sibling set of three. In her time of fostering and watching kids come and go she became passionate about being intentional in motherhood. In this episode she shares her story and some practical tips and advice on how to be intentional with motherhood when you're not sure how long your kids will be yours.

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EP 30: Growing up in a Foster Family with Kylee

The youngest biological child, Kylee was six when her parents decided to open their home to foster.  Growing up with kids who kept coming and going is what led Kylee to become a social worker.  In this episode she tells her story about how foster care positively impacted her life and encourages moms with bio kids that foster care doesn't have to be scary.

Things we talked about:

What is a foster care life book?

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EP 29: Foster Alum to Foster Mom with Lexi

Lexi is a former foster teen who now calls herself a foster mom. In this episdoe, she shares her story of what it was like being a teenager in the foster care system, what she has learned about herself throughout this life, and what has surprised her the most about being a foster mom. She also shares the one best thing that you as a foster/adopt mom can do for your kids.

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Read more of Lexi's story here.