This is How You Adopt {eBook}

Adopting out of foster care can seem so daunting, when really the process is fairly simple (if you can call jumping through all the state's hoops simple!); however when you're looking into what adoption actually is the information can seem scarce.  

That's where we come in.  This is How You Adopt is a FREE(!) how-to guide on adopting a child out of foster care.  It's 13 pages and gives you a big picture, step-by-step look at what the foster adoption process looks like.  

The adoption process shouldn't be scary.  There's a lot of scary things that come with parenting trauma-affect kiddos, but filling out the paperwork and passing a home study should be the least of your worries!  Not only will you find practical, useful information in this book, you'll also find quotes from mamas who have been there, done that, and will encourage you through it.

Be sure to check it out in our shop and share this book with your friends, families, or strangers on the street.  We hope this helps!