Older is good, too.

We hear a lot of stories and meet a lot of people who are fostering or adopting kids under 5, ut we know there are people out there taking in older children.  So who are you?  What's your story?

We asked this question on Instagram and got a lot of response from parents who are fostering-adopting older children.  It's hard.  It's messy.  But older kids can be just as fun as the young ones.

"We weren't very specific about an age of a child.  We honestly asked for God's will to be done in our life an prayed that the child that was meant to be in our life be placed with us.  We're newly licensed  and two days after our license was issued we received a call for a thirteen year old boy.  We said yes and he's been living with us for three weeks."  --Francis

"Our first was twelve when he came home.  We had a unique situation where we already knew him and asked specifically to get him out of a facility. We finalized his adoption a year later.  He broke us in easy as first time parents since he cold get himself ready, sleep through the night, communicate well, etc.  We've since added two babies through foster care and he's a great big brother and lots of help." --Susannah

"We've fostered one thirteen year old and a sixteen year old that came to us six months pregnant.  She's now seventeen and her daughter is eleven months.  We've gotten to know a lot of other teens in care through our little mama and often have her eleven year old brother and fifteen year old sister over for a few days at a time so they can be together.  I love having a teenager.  It took about a year before a true strong foundation had been built.  There have been fights and consequences, love and grace.  We stay away from advising and try to encourage.  We are trying to prepare her for the real world that she will enter in to soon while helping her heal from the real world she had come from and the brokenness it left her in.  We love our teen and the others we have met.  It's been a blessing.  Older kids are way cool. --Ashley

"My husband and I started with teen boys.  Our reason was at the time we were 22 and 25 and could still remember the struggles and shortcomings of being a teen.  The boys didn't see us as their parents which I think made it easier for them to speak their thoughts without the What the heck? look a parent gives.  We have five five and under currently but continue to long to help the older kids in the future in someway."  --Lucy

"We are hoping to adopt a teen boy. We have done respite and short-term for teen boys.  We found that having a teen in the house is a great addition to a family as their personalities and interests are more developed and definite than preschoolers which makes it easier in some ways (in my humble opinion) to bond relationally!" --Elizabeth

What about you?  What's your story?