When waiting is all you ever do...

by Austin

When it comes to waiting in the world of foster care most of the time it seems as though waiting is literally all you ever do.

Waiting for a placement was where I seemed to particularly struggle. I think in my mind I thought it would happen super quick, and for most foster parents it does. The need is so great and there are not enough foster parents in most counties thus, typically, after officially becoming licensed I would assume the average foster parent probably waits a few weeks or maybe a month for their first placement.

We waited 5 months.

Looking back now, that 5 month waiting period was meaningful, convicting, and profound in my life. Those 5 months were some of the sweetest and deepest times I have ever had with the Lord. They were also some of the most painful months due to Jesus having me deal with my own sin and making it crystal clear where I was failing.

But my waiting was and is meaningful and your waiting is meaningful too.

We must strive daily to wait well. The Lord commands us in His word, “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make our requests known to God.” -Philippians 4:6

He is our Creator. We are His children. He longs for us to lay at His feet and talk with Him, find rest in Him, meditate on Him. HE IS OUR FATHER.

In all seasons of waiting, it is still just as important to strive not be anxious and to continually lay your burdens down at the feet of our Jehovah-jireh. (“The Lord WILL Provide” This biblical name of our Savior anticipates a future action.)

Let’s think about that biblical name for a moment....

Jehovah-Jireh- The Lord will provide, this name carrying with it a future action. As foster parents, this name should rock our world! When we have no idea what the future holds while waiting, He already has orchestrated a future action! Jesus is our provider. He is our sustainer. He is our maker. He will give us supernatural strength. He will carry us, daily if we need Him to. He loves sacrificially without limits. He loves deeper than we ever could. Nothing about our waiting season catches God off guard. He has already written the story. He knows the future.

Austin is a city girl who now loves living in the country. She's a pastor's wife who is blessed to serve women in all walks of life.  She loves being a mom to the children that came to her by birth as well as being a mom to the children that have and will come to her through the foster care system.To hear more of Austin's story, listen to her podcast here and purchase her eBook Being Strong in the Wait here.