Being Strong in the Wait

There are about 100 different kinds of waiting in the foster care world.  Waiting to fill out your paperwork and waiting for it to be approved.  Waiting to be assigned a training class and waiting for the training to be finished.  Waiting to be assigned a caseworker and waiting on her to do interviews, write homestudies, and fill out paperwork.  Once you add in kids you find yourself waiting for tantrums to dissolve, waiting for your kid to feel safe and loved, waiting for them to sleep through the night, waiting for them during a bio parent visit, waiting for rights to be terminated or reunification to happen.  The list goes on and on.

So how do we wait well?  How can we stay patient and sane while also staying encouraged and motivated to keep waiting when it seems like nothing is ever going to happen?  How do we get our to-do lists finished while loving on our husband?  How do we finish future child's room while not neglecting our other children?

These are some issues that Austin and Caitlin tackle in this 19 page eBook.  We talk about the different kinds of waiting you'll face as well as giving you some practical tips on what you can do while you're waiting on any number of things.

We hope and pray you'll feel encouraged and motivated to keep doing the awesome work you're already doing.

You got this, mama.

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