by Katie

Dear family & friends.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that we force you to love.
To open your hearts.
To snuggle a little from a broken home.
I'm sorry that we expect you to understand.
I'm sorry that we want you to feel the fire we feel
& when you don't we feel angry.
I'm sorry about the possible heartbreak that is coming your way.
I'm sorry that you will love & then you are going to hurt.

I'm sorry.
& I'm sorry that it'll happen again.

You had no choice in us becoming foster parents.
Your feelings were not of concern.
We knew we were called and that was that.
But now my heart breaks for you.
I'm thankful that you haven't cowered in fear.
You've been scared and tiptoed around their lives easily.
You will have to answer hard questions to your own children.

We love you. We are thankful for you.
And we are sorry.

Katie is a 30 year old mama to three children, ages twins that a 9 and a 4 year old. She has been married to her husband, Douglas for 10 years. They have been foster parents for 2 1/2 years.

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