Self Care Redefined

We've talked before how self care often means the art of taking care of yourself.  When your a foster-adopt mama, walking the halls of target alone or getting a pedicure or even getting out of your house is just unrealistic--especially when it's at the beginning of a new placement (or just a difficult child!).

We asked our Instagram followers what their favorite form of self care is.  Here's what they had to say.

"When leaving the house isn't an option-which happens often--it's reading.  I have a group of girlfriends who started a book club for us to stay at home moms who need a good book to relax.  We read at our own pace start to finish, then get together at the end to either watch the movie or have a good discussion over coffee and desserts.  It helps me look forward to those girl nights an keeps me motivated to read and take breaks for myself.  I've come to really enjoy it." --Kari

"Every week, [my husband and I] gets an evening out of the house alone after the kids are in bed.  We take turns, and the other one stays home and does bedtime and has some nice quiet time alone.  It's perfect for us because our support system is not great, and this is a way to recharge that doesn't rely on background-checked babysitters.  Usually I go get a glass of wine and read and write  My husband might go play board games with a friend.  It seriously keeps both of us sane." --Caitlin

"Paying the $4 for pour over organic coffee at that trendy coffee spot."  --Jen M.

"Does hiding in the closet with candy count?  That, or having wine with supper.  Feels fancy, even though I'm still in the middle of chaos."  --Taylor

"Gym membership!  Kids in childcare while I go to cardio hip hop or just sit around in the cafe." -Janice

"Sleeping in those extra few minutes and having my husband wake up with our little guy."  -Lizette

What about you?  How do you self care?  Post a photo on social media and tag it with #selfcareredefined.