Dandelion Magazine


by Alli

When I started my foster care journey I felt so very alone. I didn’t know anyone who was fostering or had fostered. I didn’t know what I was getting in to. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt like I was grasping around in the dark for a flashlight that didn’t exist. Then one day I clicked on the foster care hashtag on Instagram and I felt my life illuminated like a beautiful morning sunrise. I found there was this whole community of women out there doing this thing; women fostering, adopting and advocating for children all while supporting each other. My life changed that day for the better and really that’s where Dandelion got its start, in the wee hours of the morning while I was crying and rocking this stranger’s baby to sleep. 

As I saw the community of foster care and adoptive moms growing on Instagram I started seeing more women reaching out and coming up with new ways to support women in the trenches of child advocacy, like the Respite Redefined podcast. I felt like the community had done so much for me during the fostering journey with my son I really wanted to contribute and find my own way to help build up women. So when the idea to start a magazine and share the stories of these incredible women stirred in my heart, I dove in head first without much thought to how or if I was going to be able to do it.

Somehow through tireless work on behalf of myself, my managing editor Courtney Cooper and all the women who contributed and supported this project we went from the seed of an idea to a full magazine titled Dandelion in 5 short months. 

Dandelion is a magazine by and for those on the front lines of child advocacy. In our inaugural issue we tackle teen adoption, supporting birth mothers, encouraging foster parents, saying goodbye to a foster child and loads more. We want to be a voice to those who put their hearts on the line to adopt, to foster, to help build up families in times of distress or make families out of strangers.

I think we accomplished that in our first issue and we are putting our heads down and starting work on Issue 02 which we hope to expand and add more content. We couldn’t be more grateful to share these stories and encourage women from all walks of life, we are so excited to see where this journey takes us.

To purchase Dandelion magazine you can use the following link: http://www.blurb.com/b/6928486-dandelion-issue-01

Alli is the founder and editor in chief of Dandelion magazine. She lives in the sub arctic of Canada with her husband of 7 years Max, her hedgehog Tenzing and son Jago, who joined their family through foster care in 2014. Alli spends her days at home drinking coffee while caring for Jago and her evenings drinking coffee while working on the magazine. She is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to adopt again.