Everything Changes

by Caitlin

Today is adoption day.  Well, the day you're reading this, not the day I'm writing this.  

Regardless, as you sit there reading this post, my family and I will officially become a family of four.  I can give them Tylenol without writing it down.  I can take the enclosure off the trampoline if I want.  I can get another dog without asking the state's permission.  I don't have to make my house clean-but-not-too-clean for social worker visits.  

Most importantly, though, I can live my day knowing that my two girls are MY two girls.  That they might share their genetic code or past experiences with someone else, they will forever share my last name.  They will forever call me Mom.  They will forever stay with me.

Most of all, we can finally just be us.  Without having to explain ourselves or ask permission to do things. We can just be us.

In a lot of ways, today doesn't change anything.  Because these girls have shared my home for 20 months.  We've had 2 years together.  We're a family.  That will stay the same.  That will never change.  We'll leave the court and go about our lives as we have.  An official paper doesn't change the fact that my daughters are my daughters.

But in a lot of ways, that piece of paper changes everything.  And I am so glad that it does.

Caitlin is the founder and creator of Respite Redefined.  She is the wife of one and mother of two daughters through adoption from foster care.  Caitlin loves to read, to write, and to dream of the places she'll go and the sights she'll see and the new kids she'll one day meet.